Data Ecosystems Lab

Seminar, RWTH Aachen University, 2023

In the modern Internet, personal data is often kept by the application provider using this data. This is true for various services (social media, health tracking, personal notes). The disadvantage from a user perspective is a lack of control and access. The external provider decides how the data is used and accessed, resulting in data silos. The Solid specification enables individuals to control the storage of their personal data, by decoupling applications from the personal data they use. In the Solid data ecosystem, every user keeps their own data in a personal store called a Pod and can share the data with specific applications or individuals of their choice.

In this lab we try to uncover the potential using Pods for implementing personal health applications. The applications should contribute to the utilization of real-world data (e.g., data collected in form of nutrition plans, weight measurements, fitness trackers, …) for longitudinal health monitoring (e.g., useful for monitoring in chronic diseases).

Students will pitch, design, and develop in a group a personal health application based on Solid. Backed up by semantic technologies and standards, students prepare the knowledge behind the application. The overall goal in the end is to bring the data together, e.g., to mimic a family doctor, who should get allowance by the patient to see the data.

We provide an introduction to the Solid specification and infrastructure and give short lectures about the semantic technologies and standards to be used.

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